Every year, we put the same stuff on our resolutions.

It’s different for everyone, of course, but generally, there’s a trend: eat better, lose weight, get a gym routine down, make more money, meditate more, love deeper, repair broken relationships, laugh more.

And, every year, without fail, “travel more” tops my list.

Well this year, I took it off.

Why’s that? Because it’s not just an “item on my list anymore” — I’m actually going to live it!

I’ve made travel the focus of my year, instead of some aspirational state I might get to someday.

dreamingNo more dreaming. Only doing.

So here’s where I’m going to be this year and I’d love to meet you! My clients are based all over the world and 2017 is the year that I actually get to connect with the people I’ve been supporting.

  • Feb. 5 – 6 in Toronto, Canada
  • March 26 at the Revamp Retreat in Seaside, OR
  • Barcelona and/or Paris in September
  • Oct. 2 after VenturePOP conference in New Orleans, LA

These are some of my intended trips this year. I’m not going to say they’re tentative, but we need to make them happen together.

Computer Girl is “At Large” but that doesn’t mean that business takes a backseat.

In fact, I find that travel and business go hand-in-hand, like a really sexy power couple.

Somehow, stepping away from your business and seeing it in a new context just lights up the way to breakthroughs so much easier!

I don’t know why it works, I just know that it does and that it’s up to you and me to make it easy and effortless to accept the good stuff.

So here’s what we’re going to do.

If you’re located in one of these cities, book me in for an afternoon. We’re going to spend 3-5 hours together, with a small group of entrepreneurs, and get All The Things you’ve been putting off, wringing your hands over, or generally just procrastinating on.

This includes absolutely anything you need support with, like:

  • Putting together all the pieces for a successful, revenue-generating launch
  • Creating an automated, unique Editorial calendar for your marketing content (seriously, Set It & Forget It!)
  • Connecting with your audience using video marketing
  • Streamlining your social presence via your social media strategy
  • Revamping your website so it’s a money-making machine
  • Starting your list-building efforts off on the right foot with a MUST-HAVE Freebie

We’ll start with a guided content-creation session and move into project time (this is where I really shine). We’ll work together on your projects, building webpages, writing emails, creating marketing plans, whatever you need to launch.

I’m not exactly a coffee-drinker but if I were, these sessions would be like little jolts of espresso. (without the caffeine crash afterward :p)

This is how we actually turn those resolutions into actionable items. So take action and join me here!

It’s just going to be you, me, a beautiful location, a coffee shop or AirBnB, pastries and our laptops. Oh, and lots of stationery with stars on ‘em because I love that stuff.

We blast through your tech gremlins and power up your business so it’s running strong when I leave.

Sign up for a quick chat with me here and let’s get this roadshow on the road!

P.S. First stop: Toronto. I’ll be there the weekend of Feb. 4-6, so book me now and we’ll get your computer stuff done. I’m holding a group session on Sunday afternoon (Feb. 5). If you’re in or near Toronto, let me know by this Friday!

If you’re not in or near Toronto, come anyway! 😉