Early in June, I whisked myself away to New York City to attend the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One training, live with Gabby Bernstein and about 300 other magical souls. I don’t know why I was called to go there, but it was at the top of my list of goals. And I did it!

It was actually pretty amazing, how I made it work. See, I wanted to go, but when I got the email from Gabby that she was now enrolling this year’s masterclass, I walked into the kitchen with tears in my eyes and told my husband, “Don’t tell me I can go.”

He was puzzled. I continued.

“I want to go to the Spirit Junkie Masterclass in NYC, but I can’t go. We don’t have the money.”

Of course, he said I could go. (He spoils me.) But I insisted that it just wasn’t feasible. Secretly, I was committed to going and just trying to come up with a way that I could afford it.

Then it happened. We got our tax return. It was the exact amount of the course.

I could go! It happened. I made the mental commitment, and the money appeared.

I could have used that money for something else. It was tempting. But I had asked the universe to allow me to go, and the funds showed up. I was in!

So I signed up, booked my flight (I had a lot of credit card miles, so the flight was free), and found a few roommates for my Airbnb.

I love NYC. Love love love it! So I arrived early to walk around the city. It was magical. I always feel so alive when I’m traveling, so this was the perfect way to kick off the weekend.


The Masterclass began Friday night and lasted all day Saturday and Sunday. It was held in an adorable theater in Chelsea. Really cozy and intimate. (I was 6 rows away from Gabby, both days! And I’m not even an early bird.)

Now I want to share the 10 things I learned from the Masterclass.

1) There is a fear-based story from my past that was blocking me from stepping into my power

This story needed to be released in order for me to live my purpose. On Friday night, we shined a light on our stories, we felt them in our minds and our bodies. And then we released them.

It feels so amazing to release that story!

This is a deep wound, but I know I can release it whenever I need to. Not only do I have the tools to release my blocks, but through the Masterclass, I have the tools to help others do the same.

2) Be the light (what the heck does that mean?!)

rha goddessRha Goddess is one of Gabby’s guest teachers and she talked about how to make peace with your ambition, and how to tap into your inner confidence, to own your unique contribution to the world, and to shine your light.

She said that “be the light” means being willing to hold space for your own transformation and the transformation of others through the commitment of your presence.


That’s exactly what coaches do. You reach out and hold space for someone else. As you do that, you become inspired and lit up, and they receive a life-changing transformation. It’s so powerful.

Be the light. If you don’t bring it, we don’t get it.
– Rha Goddess

But sometimes our stories hold us back from shining that light. That’s what we need to release.

3) Living in the vicinity of your dharma

Your dharma is your life purpose, your passion, your mission in the world.

Are you hanging out in the vicinity of your dharma? Are you just waiting for something to happen? You can glimpse it… it’s close, but you’re not quite there. A lot of us identified with this question about living in the vicinity of our dharma.

It’s time to step into it!

4) Your self-worth is a given

Rha Goddess also talked about the difference between self-worth and your value proposition in business.

She said self-worth is a given. You are so valuable. You are unique, amazing, and full of potential.

Your value proposition is the tools and skills that you bring to your work. Those can be more or less valuable to people, but YOU are worthy, just by being you.

5) Business tools

This was funny. Throughout the weekend, Gabby would stop and give us a teachable moment. She would explain what she does to calm her nerves before speaking to 300 people. And she also told us about some of her favorite tools for business.

One of them is Pond5. It’s a collection of royalty-free music that you can use for guided meditations! (People have asked me about this before. Now I have the answer.)

If you’re recording meditation or yoga videos or mp3s, check out Pond5. Gabby says so. 😉

She also gave us the master list of all the tools she uses to grow her business. So so valuable!

6) Everything is happening around me. I am taken care of.

What a cool mantra, right? I know this was meant for somebody!

7) Judgment does not have power

Only love has power. Love is real.

Judgment only has power if you allow it. Inherently though, judgment does not have any power over you. You can make a choice to reject judgment and choose love.

8) I learned about my work addiction

My work addiction is a little different thank you might think. I don’t spend too many hours on the computer. I’ve never pulled an all-nighter for work. I have really good boundaries around my time.

But I internalize my work so much that it overcomes me. I wrote about my little work-addiction anxiety attack here. It happened during the Masterclass, and fortunately, I was surrounded by people who could support and love me.

This is the reason I was called to the Masterclass. This right here. My work addiction.

Now, I’m dealing with it. I’ve already created structures and tools to support myself and allow me to create some mental distance from my work. And I can tell you, it’s working! I might never have realized it, or done anything about it if I hadn’t attended the Masterclass.

9) How to pitch the media

Gabby’s own publisher talked about how to pitch the media. Wow! That was so cool.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind. I’ve heard these before, but we all need reminders. When you pitch the media, keep these two questions in mind — and answer them with your pitch.

  • Why does the world need this information right now?
  • Why do they need it from you?

She gave us so many nuggets around publishing, getting media attention, and even social media. This session was pure gold.

10) Ideas for business!

My notes are full of ideas for courses, ways to attract new clients, and tips for getting my message out into the world.

I’ve been filled to the brim with inspiration for my business, and my life. And I feel supported like never before!

These are just some of the things that you’ll experience when you take her online Masterclass.

Laptop, work space

I wouldn’t be telling you about this if I didn’t think it was valuable to you. But I know this is a life-changing course.

At midnight, June 26, the cart closes for the online Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience. Gabby says that when you make the commitment to show up, magical things happen. They did for me. I received the funds and I did it! You can too.

When you invest in yourself by taking this Masterclass, you will grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. Few courses offer such a transformational experience.

Enough from me, head over to and check it out!


When you sign up for the course using my link, I may receive an affiliate commission. To show you my gratitude, I will give you a 3-pack of Personal Webinars for free! (value: $547)

That means you get to work with me, one-on-one to take action online.

The course covers a lot of business tools, but they don’t talk about how to publish a blog post or send a newsletter or launch a course. That’s what we can do together! (Or anything else you want to do around online marketing.)

I’m committed to supporting you as you take this knowledge and grow your business. 

So, check it out and let me know you’ve signed up and we’ll make that 3-pack of Personal Webinars happen!


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