My first surfing trip tested all my limits, in the best way!

Be social

First, I reached out to people I don’t know and asked if I could go surfing with them. Did you see that? I reached out. And I asked to join people. Woah! That’s two big steps for me. These ladies were absolutely wonderful! They welcomed me into their group, showed a real interest in me and my business, and encouraged me to try something new.

They did that for themselves and each other, too.

We met in a digital nomads group, so we’re in similar fields of work, but there’s nothing but encouragement and collaboration in that group. It feels so good to have new friends. I definitely felt socially awkward at times, but I loved it.

Bare feet in public places

Here’s a little quirky thing about me. I have a “thing” about bare feet in public places. It creeps me out. I’m not embarrassed about my feet. I just don’t like to walk barefoot in public places, especially wet, squishy places.

But to go surfing, you have to walk barefoot where other people have been barefoot. I did it! I totally survived being barefoot in public.

Into the water

No one likes being cold, but the Atlantic Ocean is freezing. So we wore wetsuits (public wetsuits), and waded into the water after a brief warm-up/stretching period and a mini surf lesson from my new friends.

I was quite petrified, but I did it anyway! There were a few surf schools on either side of us, so I watched the kids to see when they spot a wave. They and their teachers know the water better than me, so I figured this was a good strategy.

Finally, a good wave came and I rode it! I didn’t stand, but I definitely got up on the board and rode the wave in to the shore.

Then I got beat up by 3 waves in a row and was done for the day. Too much salt water isn’t good for the brain.

I need to work on my core strength so I can balance and stand up on that board.

Testing my limits

What an amazing experience to learn to trust my body, trust the board, and trust my new friends. I pushed up against my comfort zone and totally loved it! I can’t wait to go surfing again. In the meantime, I’m practicing on dry land and soaking up the warmth from the sun and new friendships.


After surfing, we sat around and talked, and then went for a walk along the beach. In the distance, there was a beautiful old fort. What a backdrop for my first surfing excursion!

Your turn

What have you done that pushed your limits? Maybe they were mental, social, or physical limits, or all three. Tell me in the comments so I can cheer you on.


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