How I Learn Technology so Quickly (there’s a life lesson in here, too)

This is my exact process for learning new online marketing tools and technology. Now, let’s all remember that everyone is different. Some people have a creative brain. Other people love systems and structures. That’s me. If something has a system, I can figure it out. But, I know that creative people can do this too. The secret […]

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Get those funnels flowing. MailChimp automation is now free!

Good news! You can now send email automation (or autoresponders) through MailChimp for free! They announced this change earlier this week and it could not be better timing. What are autoresponders? Autoresponders are a sequence of emails that are sent after someone signs up for your list. Campaigns or broadcasts are different. They are emails that are […]

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The Low-Tech Way to Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Lean in — I’m sharing a big “Eureka!” moment that has helped me hit my goals for 2017 in the first quarter of 2017. This one thing has helped me: Travel more for business and leisure Form strategic (& profitable!) partnerships Be invited to speak at conferences And the best part? It doesn’t feel like work. I’m […]

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If you love Instagram, grab this hack

I discovered this great hack that turns Instagram into more than just a “photo-sharing app” — it makes it a brand-building platform. This nifty hook-up lets me: Share Instagram posts on every platform (without that pesky link), as if it’s native content Boost engagement and keeps me organized And the best part? It’s nothing fancy: just a […]

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Email Energy is Real (and Kinda Awesome When You Harness It!)

You know how I’m always saying that technology is energy, and when you send a newsletter, you’re sending energy to your potential clients? Well, this week, I have definitive, undeniable proof! Have you been noticing that online marketing has gotten really…icky? It’s not just because there’s so much noise out there and we’re having trouble deciding what’s […]

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ConvertKit to ConvertPlug Connection

Two of my favorite tools are ConvertKit for email newsletters, and the ConvertPlug plugin for creating opt-in boxes so people can sign up for your newsletter. (Somehow, they are not related to each other, even though their names are similar. ha!) Getting these two tools to work together takes a few steps, so I made a video to show […]

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My Calendar Loves Me

In this week’s video, I share the 3 biggest boundaries technology helped me set up, after experiencing what I didn’t want. And I know my boundaries are working when they bring me a stream of clients, in a more strategic way, so that I can remain in love with the way I run my business for years. […]

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We Revamped

Last weekend, I spoke at a business retreat! The retreat was held in Seaside, Oregon, right on the coast. It’s a beautiful, rocky coast with vast beaches and big waves. (And a lot of rain, but I actually like rain!) Talk about a dream come true. I set two big goals for this year: to travel for […]

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My philosophy

Technology runs on energy, so when you're creating websites and emails, you are literally sending energy to your potential clients. I make sure that energy is confident, positive, and enlightening! This is why I help entrepreneurs. I infuse confidence and love into the work we do together, so you can feel empowered to run your business.

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