Organization and Scheduling


  • saves your documents and share the link
  • reduces emailing and printing
  • backs up your files on the cloud so you’ll never lose them

Google for Work

  • Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms (surveys), Keep

Asana for project management and to-do lists. Can collaborate with your team.

Acuity for scheduling client appointments. Syncs with Google Calendar and you can add payment options.

Creative Tools


  • saves your artwork and images
  • image library for $1 each
  • (must upgrade for transparent background)


  • can resize
  • can have transparent background
  • good way to find your colors
  • (doesn’t save your artwork)

Stock photo websites

Website Builders is super powerful and social.

Weebly is so much easier. You can include a blog.

I also like GoDaddy for website hosting and domains. I know some people don’t like them, but their customer service has saved me countless times.

Money Stuff

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

  • so much easier than Quickbooks. So so much.
  • generates reports you can send to your accountant
  • imports income and expenses from PayPal, credit cards, and banks (optional)


  • saves and organizes receipts like a bookkeeper
  • also tracks mileage and business cards

Lucky Bitch Money Tracker App to track and increase your abundance

Email Newsletters

Mad Mimi is really pretty and offers great marketing advice. You can create Drip campaigns (autoresponders) and so much more.

MailChimp for email newsletters. It’s easy and integrates with PayPal.

To collect email addresses, I love the PopupAlly plugin from Nathalie Lussier. It’s so versatile and does so much more than a pop-up box.

Everyone is going crazy for ConvertKit. I haven’t used it yet, but it looks like the complete package.

Webinars – you can share your screen, or your face, and have multiple people join the conversation (this is the one I use for Personal Webinars)

Google Hangouts on Air – automatically records your broadcast. Not limited to the number of viewers. You can embed it on your website.

If you use WordPress, I highly recommend the plugin Webinar Ally for Google Hangouts on Air. It just makes your life sooo much easier.

Chatwing for chat boxes on your website during a Google Hangout on Air webinar.

Social Media

Instagram – beautiful pictures to give clients a glimpse of your life

Facebook – you know 😉

I used Ad Espresso for Facebook Ads and it was really helpful. Not cheap, but it was worth it to not waste my time trying to figure out the Power Editor.

YouTube – I know it’s scary, but do it.

Hootsuite – automatically schedule social media posts for your personal page, business page, or groups. Includes nearly all social media channels, including Instagram.

Buffer – same as Hootsuite, but I like it better. Doesn’t post to Instagram.

Meet Edgar – pricier, but it saves your posts. You plug them into the system once and Edgar will repost them for you forever, at the optimal times. It’s like having a VA!

Tools around the office

Microphone – I use a desk microphone and a lavalier (lapel) for recording

Big roll of paper for brainstorming

Client Gifts

Shop Trades of Hope for beautiful, fair trade client gifts that empower women out of poverty.

Training Courses

Besides being a “computer girl” for more than 20 years, I am a life-long learner. I love learning about pricing strategies, marketing, and even money blocks! Here are some of the courses I’ve taken to learn all I can about growing an online business. They’ll be helpful for you, too!

30-day List Building Challenge with Nathalie Lussier, to grow your email list (free!)

30-day Light it Up Video Challenge with Niamh Arthur, to boost your video marketing (free!)

The Conquer Kit by Natalie MacNeil, for the best, holistic, heart-centered, and effective business strategy and planning (it’s a workbook, not a course)

List Builder’s Lab, to build your email list with the right opt-in. The gold is in the bonus video about Facebook Ads.

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, to get over money blocks and price your course just right

Chakredy® Immersion, to take care of your chakras while we launch your program into the world

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program, to make sure you stay healthy while you launch

IIN Immersion, for deeper coaching and marketing skills

Marie Forleo’s BSchool, to get the right ideal client for you, and talk directly to them

Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare, so you and I are legally protected while we work together

Some of these are affiliate links. I may be paid a small commission if/when you sign up, and you will often receive a discount too! You win and I win when you use these links and I appreciate it so much.

* If you sign up for the courses with an asterisk (using my link), I will give you lifetime access to the Ask Me Anything membership.

I have not personally used all of these products, but they come highly recommended by our fellow entrepreneurs. (I only post affiliate links to products I have actually used.)

My philosophy

Technology runs on energy, so when you're creating websites and emails, you are literally sending energy to your potential clients. I make sure that energy is confident, positive, and enlightening! This is why I help entrepreneurs. I infuse confidence and love into the work we do together, so you can feel empowered to run your business.

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