How I Learn Technology so Quickly (there’s a life lesson in here, too)

This is my exact process for learning new online marketing tools and technology.

Now, let’s all remember that everyone is different. Some people have a creative brain. Other people love systems and structures. That’s me. If something has a system, I can figure it out. But, I know that creative people can do this too.

The secret is a powerful mindset shift that we can all make. It’s all about slowing down!

Here’s my process:

When I approach a new tool, I slow down and look around the page before I click on anything. (Don’t start clicking on everything!)

I hover my mouse over words and symbols and see what pops up to explain it.

Symbols are usually similar across different tools, so I try to keep that in mind as I explore the options. I ask myself where I’ve seen this before and what it does for me.

The life lesson: things feel more comfortable and do-able when we slow down. Evaluate the situation, be curious, and then dive deeper into things that you want to explore. I try to do this in life too.

This week, I invite you to slow down, get curious, and get playful with technology or any other challenges that pop up for you.

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Write great content, consistently. Sign up here for my FREE Editorial Calendar training!
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