You’ve Got a Smart Coach!

Your coach is hooking you up!

She has secured a special rate for you to work with me to get your “tech stuff” done.

You can join my Tech Support Workshop where you get to ask me anything and see exactly how it works. Once a month, I hold an “Ask Me Anything”-style webinar where you can see my screen and ask questions about any techy thing and I’ll answer it with a live demo.

Or you can work with me 1-on-1 in a Personal Webinar. We’ll be working on your website/newsletter/social media accounts together, getting things done while you learn how to do it yourself. The session is recorded so you can watch it whenever you need a refresher. Bonus: the Personal Webinar includes lifetime access to the Tech Support Workshop monthly webinars.

Tech Support Workshop

monthly group AMA workshop


  • Monthly AMA Webinar
  • 50-minute webinars
  • Access to recordings of all previous AMAs
  • “Webinar Stack” of previous topic webinars (value: $35)
  • All of your techy questions answered!

Click below to sign up and get access to all previous AMAs and webinars.

Personal Webinar

work with me 1:1


  • 1 Personal Webinar
  • 50-70 minute session
  • Recording of our session
  • Website or email newsletter that rocks!
  • Confidence to get out there and get clients
  • Lifetime access to Ask Me Anything Membership

Click below to sign up and schedule your appointment to work with me 1-on-1.

What happens next?

After you sign up and pay, you will be added to the program exactly like my regular clients.

If you choose to work with me 1:1, you will go directly to my calendar so you can schedule your session with me. And you’ll be added to my AMA Membership (the Tech Support Workshop) immediately.

If you choose the Tech Support Workshop, you will have immediate access to recordings of all previous AMAs and the Webinar Stack of valuable courses, including “Asked and Answered: How to Write a Great Survey,” “Online Scheduling Sessions,” and my Editorial Calendar course.

I can’t wait to support your business! Sign up here and I’ll talk to you soon.

My philosophy

Technology runs on energy, so when you're creating websites and emails, you are literally sending energy to your potential clients. I make sure that energy is confident, positive, and enlightening! This is why I help entrepreneurs. I infuse confidence and love into the work we do together, so you can feel empowered to run your business.

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