5 reasons you should be blogging; and the 1 reason not to

Starting to blog is intimidating, right? We have to come up with brilliant ideas, write them eloquently, and then publish them online. But why?

I’ve got 5 reasons to blog, and 1 reason not to!

1) Connect with fans

Our number one goal as health coaches is to connect with our fans and followers. We want to show them that we care, and we’re here for them. We offer thoughtful guidance, delicious recipes, glimpses into our life, and other tips that truly improve lives. What better way to connect with our audience?

2) Set yourself up as an expert

When you offer such generous, heart-felt content, you are setting yourself up as an expert. Maybe you’re a gluten-free guru, or an energy master, or a just fabulous coach who gets results for her clients. Writing about those topics shows your tribe that you know what you’re talking about. You listen to people, and you are the go-to gal for advice, inspiration, and guidance. Awesome! What next? They become clients!

3) Offer resources

mouseBeing really generous — and I mean giving your best stuff away — shows your clients (and the universe) that you are here to serve. You’re offering fabulous resources to really change people’s lives, whether they become a client or not. Why should you do that? Because your goal is to help them succeed.

We can never give away resources on a blog that truly match the experience of working with a coach. The resources you offer set you up as an expert, connect with your fans, and attract new fans (which is the next reason to blog!).

4) Attract new fans

When you are offering great content through your blog, you will be seen as an expert and you’ll begin to attract new fans. This is really the way to grow your business. You can only do so much with your list of 20 friends and family, but when you consistently generate and share high quality content, you will attract new fans! Your readers will tell their friends and pass along the message of the super generous health coach who provides great tips around having more energy, losing weight, or loving their own body without dieting.

(I don’t know about you, but I feel inspired already! Let’s keep going…)

5) Boost your SEO

Search Engine Optimization. I know, I just had to get technical. Search Engine Optimization basically means making your site attractive to search engines so that you rank higher in the results when people search for certain terms.

Blogging consistently boosts your SEO because it shows the search engines that your website is active and real. You’ll likely be adding photos to your posts, which is good for SEO, too. Another thing that improves your SEO is using the same word consistently (though not in an obvious SEO-jamming way). So, if you’re consistently blogging about gluten, your blog will be full of the word “gluten” and the search engines will pick up on that. Eventually, you’ll rank higher in searches about gluten and your SEO will improve.

So, setting yourself up as an expert will improve your SEO, which will help you attract new fans that you can connect with by offering great resources. It all comes together!

One reason not to blog… to make money

Some people’s blogs actually get so many followers that they actually make a living at it (Chocolate Covered Katie is one example). But it takes millions of followers to get any kind of money, simply from your blog. Sure, you will mention your essential oils, or your Shakeology, or your awesome coaching program, and you’ll make money that way. But simply by blogging? It’s unlikely.

So, focus your attention on being generous with your followers — creating great content, posting consistently, and making connections with your fans. Don’t worry about Google Adwords, or other get-rich-quick schemes that will take more effort than they’re worth.

Take action now! Come up with 3 blog post ideas that you can write about a single topic and then write your first draft.

Want to Be a Blog Superstar? Check out my new workshop! I’ll be showing you how to write great content consistently, and you’ll learn the technical details you need to post your brilliant work online.

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  1. Hi Terra. Thank you for these wonderful blogs and newsletters. I really get a lot out of them and can not wait to take one of your classes!

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