I’m 38 this year, so I’ve written 38 reasons I want to move to Portugal.

1. It’s beautiful.

2. The food is fresh.

3. Water. Lisbon is on a river, near the coast.

4. People are kind.

5. Portugal is #3 on the Global Peace Index. I want to be with peaceful people.

6. It will be fun to learn a language.

7. To heal my broken heart.

8. It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step.

9. I want the experience of living abroad.

10. Spain is close, so I can visit Madrid and Barcelona.

11. Wifi is great.

12. I’m in the same time zone as some dear friends.

13. I can host retreats.

14. Dr. Cello hates Imogen.

15. Imogen hates Dr. Cello.

16. It’s close to Paris, Morocco, Italy, and more.

17. I’m fascinated by boats.

18. Cobblestone streets.

19. History is filled with explorers and curious people.

20. Adventure.

21. I can do anything, and this is what I want.

22. They care about the environment.

23. Given the state of this country, it’s smart to have permanent residency somewhere else.

24. It’s safe.

25. The weather is great.

26. Trains.

27. Mountains.

28. I want that city life.

29. I need some alone time.

30. I’ll meet new people.

31. Natural exercise.

32. The wine is good. (now that’s something! I’m normally a whiskey girl)

33. They invest in renewable energy.

34. Health care is provided to the people.

35. Soccer!

36. I will learn to surf.

37. I won’t have to own a car.

38. Freedom.

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Yes, please!
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